Examples of Projects Undertaken:

Acquisition Program for a Major Fast Food Operator
A major American-owned fast food chain with only a few sites in the UK, approached Cropper & Co to identify suitable target towns for their UK expansion program.  Cropper & Co implemented and delivered the program for them, growing their UK operation into a national chain. They are now one of the biggest delivery pizza operations in the country.

Asset Management for a High Street Women’s Fashion Retail chain
One of Cropper & Co’s main clients, a high street fashion retailer, acquired a new manufacturing design and retail company via a takeover. Cropper & Co were responsible for organising the absorption of the new company’s substantial property portfolio into the client (parent) company.  As part of this, Cropper & Co organised and conducted a substantial program of asset reorganisation and management, disposing of surplus retail outlets and implementing a strategy to dispose of some very large industrial and office complexes.

Cropper & Co continued to manage the expansion of the main High Street retail chain as well as handling all the other aspects of their existing property portfolio.

Rent Reviews
Cropper & Co have handled rent reviews for clients whose property portfolios they manage; this has involved reviews for premises in such diverse uses as nightclubs, bowling alleys, restaurants, cinemas, bars, hotels, and restaurants as well as retail premises and offices.

Expansion Program for a leading UK Brewing Company  
A UK brewing company developed a chain of café bars and restaurants which they wished to expand.  This company had historically expanded by acquiring new chains but in this instance, Cropper & Co were brought in to further develop the client’s expansion initiative by implementing a UK wide program across all their brands. This involved bringing in and managing a number of external agents and working alongside the company’s internal Property Department as it expanded and developed to deal with their new enlarged portfolio.

Acquisition of a shopping centre for a shopping centre company
On instruction from the UK owners of a nationwide shopping centre company, Cropper & Co identified a suitable available shopping centre for acquisition and worked with the purchasers and their external consultants to successfully acquire this valuable asset.

Hotel Chains
Cropper & Co has been involved in the organisation and implementation of expansion programmes for a number of hotel chains, identifying and acquiring sites on their behalf. We are currently working in this capacity for one of the UK’s leading budget hotel operators, acquiring sites in London and within the M25, working alongside their in-house Property department.